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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, and to increase consciousness of the issues surrounding the effects of sexual assault, we've interviewed survivors to learn the best ways to support sexual violence survivors, and the ways in which survivors are not alone in their experiences.

If you or someone you know is has been sexually assaulted or is struggling with their emotional health, head to and for ways to get help.

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MTV News reports on the state of sex-ed in Mississippi.

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Watch youth activists vet 2020 presidential candidate Governor Jay Inslee on his plans to combat climate change at the Climate Strike.

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See two midterm candidates, 28-year-old Florida Dem. Anna V. Eskamani and 26-year-old North Carolina Repub. Rep. Cody Henson talk universal background checks, assault weapons bans, and the future of gun policy in America.

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MTV News breaks down President Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy.

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March For Our Lives students might have wrapped their Road To Change tour but they have big plans for the Midterm Elections this November.

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For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, MTV News gathered health professionals and survivors to discuss the many misconceptions about eating disorders.

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MTV News speaks to college students who participated in the “clean” DREAM Act school walkouts.

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“Pose” stars speak to MTV News about the importance of trans actors playing trans characters.

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J Balvin talks to MTV News about “Mi Gente” and repping Latin culture at his LA show.

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